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Minimum Norms
Basic Norms
List of Accredited Organizations

Meaning & Process

The process of accreditation has evolved from the necessity to further increase the credibility of Voluntary Organizations (VOs) in India. The main purpose of the accreditation exercise is to develop a cost effective mechanism of periodic evaluation for VOs in the country. Accreditation of VOs in India is a relatively new concept. However, we have been in dialogue with various stakeholders regarding the importance of accreditation. As a result, we developed concrete plans to make it a reality for the voluntary sector here.

Meaning of Accreditation

Accreditation is the process by which a facility becomes officially certified as providing service of a reasonably good quality, so that the public can trust in the quality of its services. Accreditation of VOs refers to the certification of upholding of the quality of an organization, which adheres to the Minimum Norms or Desirable Norms set by Credibility Alliance.

Process of Accreditation

Accreditation process begins as soon as the Voluntary Organization voluntarily approaches CA for getting accredited.


Documents to be submitted along with the Accreditation Application Form

The validity of Accreditation is 5 years. However, validity of accreditation is also subject to an organization’s compliance to Credibility Alliance’s Norms vide regular submission of the following documents after the first year of accreditation:

a) Annual Report- Comprising of all disclosures as per Credibility Alliance’s Norms
b) Minutes of AGM & Minutes of two Board Meetings
c) Annual Audited Accounts- Including Balance Sheet, Income & Expenditure, Receipts & Payment Account, Schedules, Notes on Accounts, Auditors Report etc.
d) Copy of latest Income Tax Returns documents including Form 10B & copy of latest FCRA returns, if applicable
e) Copy of Compliance to registrar of Societies/Charity Commissioner to Annual filing of returns, if applicable

As per the existing procedure of Credibility Alliance, an accredited organization of CA becomes the member of Credibility Alliance. The first year requires no payment of membership fee. Post this, an organization needs to renew its membership with Credibility Alliance by submitting the annual fee of Rs 500/- and above mentioned requisite supporting documents during the Accreditation Period.